This is where you begin:


You may dream of building your own home,

of extending or altering what you already have,

or you may have a plot of land to develop.

Whichever it is, drop us a line, give us a call or just stop by, and we will help you make it a reality.


We will create an individual bespoke design for you. 

The drawings that we make are a way of communicating that design to you, the planners, and to your builder.  They are a set of instructions used to realise the design, so we don't just 'do drawings' we use those drawings to tell your contractors how to make the spaces that we have imagined on your behalf.  Many people can do drawings, but very few can conceive the spaces, their relationships, their character, their suitability for the way that you want to live, and then prepare the drawn instructions to make those spaces exactly as they were conceived.  That requires skill, experience and imagination.  It also takes time.  Without those four attributes your project will not reach its potential.  We are some of the few who can help you get there.


Keeping in touch:

From time to time we intend to send out news sheets for the benefit of our clients, associates, and anyone else who is interested.  Topics will depend on the circumstances of the time, but will cover areas of interest to those who are developing sites, building or extending their own homes or thinking of doing so.  We'll tell you some of what we are doing too.
If you would like to be on our maliling list please drop us an email or use the contact link on the footer of this page.
Needless to say we will not give anyone else access to our subscriber list.  We like our privacy!


We are a general Architects' practice based in Whitstable, Kent, covering the whole of the county, and sometimes beyond.  While most of our work is in housing of various types, and for a wide variety of clients, we also work on sports facilities, industrial, commercial and retail projects.