Bespoke design for homes to suit you as individuals.

Good architecture should not dictate how you live, but should instead be created to respond to the way that you want to inhabit it. It doesn't matter whether it is a new house, or the extension and alteration to an existing one. There is no 'one size that fits all'. We all have different priorities, tastes and needs to be met by the architecture of our homes. As Architects, it is our job to understand these, sometimes, perhaps, better than you do yourself. It is partly about the feelings engendered in ourselves as we arrive, and as others do too ('kerb appeal'). It is to do with the spaces within our homes, how they flow from one to another, about how they feel and sound, about how they bring our families and loved ones together, and separate them when necessary! It is about being comfortable, whether that is in a gathering around a table for a convivial meal, being enveloped in a warm and cosy snug, throwing open doors to a garden for parties or barbecues, being the glamorous socialite, or, alternatively, having a home that is a quiet secluded sanctuary of peace and contemplation.


Whilst some great architecture can be seen in pictures, and admired for its visual treats, perhaps being created with that aim and purpose very much in mind, there is other great architecture that can only be experienced by being within it, by being concious of the space, light, sounds, warmth, and so on, that touch us, and which cannot be caught in a simple image. 


Bespoke:    Be Creative; Be Individual; Be yourself.