An assortment of homes built for and by individual clients for their own use:

Single storey lifetime home
An adaptable lifetime home designed to be wheelchair accessible should the need occur.  Well designed houses should be for everyone, not just the wealthy!     Design: Nick
Detached house in a 'barn' style.    Design: Peter Jackson
Detached house in the style of a flint faced barn.    Design:  Peter
Fan shaped house with curved garden facade.   Design: Nick Baldry
A fan shaped house on a site the planners thought could not be developed.  This is certainly a variant for those who don't like square boxes!   Design: Nick
Five bedroom bungalow under low green roof.   Design: Nick Baldry
A scheme for a long low lying bungalow on the side of a shallow valley, under a green roof.   Design: Nick
Detached dwelling taking inspiration from Kent farmhouses.   Design:  Peter Jackson
Farmhouse style detached house taking inspiration from the rural vernacular.   Design:  Peter
Contemporary timber faced replacement house
A contemporary timber faced house designed to be built entirely of timber. The plan is of two rectangles set at 15° to each other with a central tall circulation space separating them.  A bridge links the first floors in the rectangular elements with detailing strongly influenced by the woodland neighbouring the site.  Design:  Nick
Entrance hall with gallery landing above

The entrance hall of a contemporary house where there are long views from the front door through to the garden. The hall lacks and windows of its own, but is lit instead from above, and given space by the gallery landing above, and the consequent central double-height core.


Detached house on corner plot

A detached house on a corner plot in a fashionable part of Whitstable taking cues from the prevailing architecture of the area.   Design:  Nick


Gallery landing 2

Gallery landing and stairs for a new-build 3 storey family home.   Design:  Nick
House alterations and refurbishment
This house which stands on the cliff-top in Birchington had become tired, with an internal layout that did not suit modern ideas of living.  The interior was completely re-imagined with living spaces moved to the first floor and a new entrance and stair that just invites you up to that level.  The roof-space was opened up for a master bedroom and en-suite, with a new dormer creating space for the latter.  A single storey extension was added to the side, with new windows, balcony and smooth render identifying the changes to the outside world.


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