Creative architecture for sustainable living in a sensitive rural location

Children walking away vignetted - pencil

This project has been developed for a rural hill-side site in a location where care is needed to ensure that it fits in with the shape of the land, the wooded character of the area and sensitivity over the ecological and visual impact of any development.  Whilst contemporary in its design there are echoes of ancient iron-age round houses which, apart from caves, were probably the first houses built in the English countryside.  The design seeks to provide habitation that has as little daily impact on natural resources as can be managed, with all energy being generated (and stored) on site, including that needed for electric vehicles, foul waste being treated with water discharge being as clean as may reasonably be managed using currently available technology, and yet providing high quality comfortable living for its occupants.

Design concept drawing 1
Early concept study looking at potential air flows using the slope of the site for summer ventilation and cooling in particular.



Design concept drawing 2
Site considerations and sketch to consider orientation, access and potential builidng form
Woodland house elevation
Elevation of the dwelling as designed, sitting in its wooded setting on the hillside.
Interior perspective
Interior sketch perspective of the open plan living space.  A spiral stair leads up to a mezzanine study beyond the kitchen, with a sunken snug below.
Overview of the dwelling interior
Overview of the interior layout with four bedrooms in the left-hand part, and living spaces to the right. The builidng is set into the hillside with the entrance cut into the slope behind the kitchen.