Design for Developers - buildings constructed for sale.

We offer a design and planning service to developers of smaller projects (up to about 30 dwellings - or more, depending on the levels of repetition). We aim to create attractive places that relate well to their surroundings, and which embody a discernable identity of their own. Clearly this is dependent on the size and location of a site, and in some cases the options are quite limited.

Character and place come from a combination of focus and hierarchies, whether through building mass, architectural style, spacing, or road/street widths and related characteristics. Whilst it may be easier to use a single repeated house design, certainly in terms of construction management, the result will rarely achieve the maximum potential value from a multi-building site. To do that the development has to be seen as desirable by those seeking to buy.

Our aim is to create distinctive and recognisable places with character, and with dwellings that become homes of choice rather than of expediency, with a consequent uplift in demand, and hence, sale value.