Addition of an upper floor to an existing dwelling
This project saw the insertion of an additional floor to a house that sits directly behind the sea wall, creating increased living space on the first floor, and a master suite within the roof space.  Design:  Nick
Internal first floor living space
First floor addition to a former bungalow created for one of our regular developer client's own property. The living space was moved into the new open plan upper floor with front windows and balcony giving fine sea views across Tankerton Slopes.  When creating an 'upside down layout' such as this it is critically important to make the route to the living room (upstairs) dominant from the main entrance.
Design:  Nick


Redundant Church Conversion, top floor flat.   Design:  Nick Baldry
Conversion of a redundant town centre church into apartments.  This top floor dwelling enjoys the vaulted roof space and original window (protected by secondary safety glazing).  Design:  Nick
Stables conversion.  Design:  Nick Baldry
Conversion of a former stables into a new three bedroomed house in a secluded setting, close to the town centre.  Design:  Nick
Dining area within a barn conversion.  Design:  Nick Baldry
Dining area within a barn conversion where the open character of the original building was retained and enhanced with spaces flowing between lower ceilinged rooms and the full height central area.  Design:  Nick
New stair in converted redundant church.   Design:  Nick Baldry
A new stair in a converted building linking three floors of apartments providing a suitably impressive entrance to the re-imagined building.  Design:  Nick
House on the beach
A house on the back of the beach in an area where planning permission is no longer possible.  This small bungalow was extended under permitted development rights, and then an enlarged roof added with first floor bedroom, following a planning appeal.  the string of ground floor windows exhibit the roof form of the initial single storey extension.  Design:  Nick
First floor extension to a bungalow
A design orientated client wanted to add a first floor to the existing bungalow.  The asymmetry arose party from the clients brief, and partly from the site.  The new first floor living room opens onto the balcony, whose shape echoes that of the gable.   Design:  Nick


Kitchen with vaulted ceiling.   Design:  Nick Baldry
We don't all have a barn to start from, but an extension for a new kitchen can make a substantial difference to a home.  Design:  Peter
Installation of a mezzanine sleeping are within a flat. One of those projects that simply cannot be photgraphed!  Design:  NIck Baldry
Installation of a mezzanine sleeping are within a flat with high ceilings. One of those projects that simply cannot be photographed! 
Design:  Nick
Rear extension   Design:  Nick Baldry
A single storey rear extension to an end of terrace house in Whitstable creating an airy and light kitchen and lounging area.  Design:  Nick
Conservatory added to Listed Building
A conservatory added to the flank of a Listed Building close to the centre of Whitstable, greatly extending the available space within the dwelling.   Design:  Nick


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