A mix of housing and other development schemes:

2 House scheme in semi-rural area
A scheme for a pair of 'traditional' detached 4-bedroom houses in an edge of town area with a rural character
2 House scheme in Arts and Crafts derived form
2 House development in village conservation area
4 house hillside development
Development of 4 houses on a steep site overlooking the sea.  They have three storeys on the seaward side
5 Houses off Joy Lane
Five house development in a close on land that originally formed very deep back gardens
5 House close
A development of five individual houses in a private close.  Each house was designed to suit its position in the site.
New scheme
Tandem development to replace a single bungalow on a busy arterial road leading into the city
7 House terrace scheme overlooking marina.    Design: Nick Baldry
Terrace of 7 three storey dwellings, with car parking undercrofts, overlooking a marina.  Design: Nick
3 House scheme in village location, two houses are reflections of each other, whilst the third is of a different design.  Design: Nick Baldry
3 Detached house scheme using two house types.  Design: Peter Jackson and Nick
Single house developer scheme on a redeveloped site.   Design: Nick Baldry
Single detached house on the site of a former modest, low quality bungalow.  Design: Nick
Seafront dwellings on the grounds of the Old Vines public house, standing behind the sea wall, and raised
Terrace of three weatherboarded dwellings, and a fourth close to them.  In a few short years they have become a significant presence on the beach-scape.  Design: Peter Jackson and Nick
Town centre redevelopment concept scheme
Concept scheme for off town-centre development.  Design:  Nick
Marina concept.  Design Peter Jackson
Concept scheme for the development of a marina, associated businesses, leisure and housing.  Design:  Peter
A devlopment of houses and flats close to the town centre
A development of houses (live work units) and flats, close to the town centre.  Design: Peter, Nick
New build convenience store with a flat above it close to Canterbury
Convenience store to serve a village centre close to Canterbury, with a generous flat above it

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